The Sun: Brenda Ficker
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Former star of Casualty Brenda Fricker is broke and alone with her memories.

The Irish actress played nurse Megan Roach in the hit BBC series and appeared in more than 30 films including Home Alone 2.

She shot to international fame when she won Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in My Left Foot in 1990.

But she tells Sky Arts programme “Living the Dream”, to be screened on November 6: ” I lived off my savings while they lasted, now I’m completely broke.

“But as long as I can have a roof over my head and feed the dog and feed myself. I’m perfectly content.”

Brenda, 67, talks to English actress Anna Friel, in the show.

Brenda tells Anna about the death of her sister, family and friends.

She says: “I go to a therapist once a week purely to have a conversation and to hear another human voice.”