RTE Ten: TV Picks for today
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There’s a film about Muhammad Ali’s fight against official America on Sky Atlantic, an emotional and candid discussion between Susan George and Robert Lindsay on Sky Arts 1, while Whitechapel completes its fourth season on UTV.

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight, 9.00pm, Sky Atlantic

Directed by Stephen Frears, this HBO Films’ production sheds light on the behind-the-scenes verbal sparring that took place between the nine Justices charged with deciding the fate of Ali’s 1971 appeal when his refusal to enlist in the military saw him stripped of his world title and banned from the sport he loved. Particular emphasis is given to the roles played by John Harlan II (Christopher Plummer) and Warren Burger (Frank Langella), two old friends who find themselves at odds.

Whitechapel, 9.00pm, UTV

It’s the final episode of the fourth season of this drama following detectives in London’s Whitechapel district as they deal with murders that replicate historical crimes. Following Chandler and Miles’ discovery of a man cooking an unsavoury meal and the photographic evidence of a group seemingly hunting in Whitechapel’s sewers, the team investigate a possible cannibalistic club of killers who diet on human flesh. Meanwhile, personal dramas in the Incident Room reach boiling point when Kent and Mansell butt heads.

Living the Dream, 8.00pm, Sky Arts 1

Actress and TV producer Susan George sits down for an emotional and candid conversation with actor Robert Lindsay. She describes in touching detail how she coped with the loss of her husband, actor Simon McCorkingdale, to cancer three years ago. Meanwhile, Lindsay recalls anecdotes from their time spent sharing a flat in the 1970s, while they were both starring in Journey’s End. The pair also look back at their big breaks, recalling their first forays into acting and early auditions.