Radio Times: Seasons 3 – Dave Stewart with Elliott Gould
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Review by: Jonathan Holmes

When the Eurthymics met the greatest eyebrows in Hollywood. Elliot Gould has starred in everything from Oceans 11 to Friends, and is a heavy-hitter in terms of anecdotes, but songwriter Dave Stewart holds his own.

The two find a surprising number of parallels between their lives, from their working-class upbringing to their first entry into the arts. Stewart describes finding music after a knee injury hobbled his footballing desires, while Gould owes everything to his black Irish tap-dancing teacher.

Most striking is the sense of escape both artists find in their work. The Eurythmics’ most famous track is Sweet Dreams, while Gould claims: “I never had a problem with drugs, I had a problem with reality.”

About this programme

1/8. The return of the programme in which two celebrities discuss their lives and careers, beginning with musician and producer Dave Stewart and actor Elliott Gould.