McGann’s Living in a Time-Warp!
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Any Eighth Doctor fans who were sitting with baited breath waiting for McGann’s episode of Living The Dream to air should really breathe now, as it’s been announced that the episode won’t air until the 22nd of January 2012.

Living The Dream, for those of us who didn’t know what it was, is a series on Sky Arts where two celebrities sit down and essentially just have a conversation with each other, in which they discuss highs and lows of their lives. The celebrities don’t always have a clear link – for instance, the first episode on the Sky Arts page for the programme features Stephen Fry and Bill Wyman (something I’d love to watch, but the page only features small clips of the episodes).

In Paul McGann’s episode, he’s joined by the actor Charles Dance, who you may remember from Sky’s adaptation of Going Postal (as Havelock Vetinari), Ali G In Da House (as a wordsmith, that title actually offends me) and something called Game Of Thrones (Dance also appeared in the first episode of Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) in 2000 alongside one David Tennant).

It seems like it’s shaping up to be a pretty interesting watch, and even if you don’t like or aren’t interested in Charles Dance, then Paul McGann should offer up some interesting stories and insights (and vice versa). Indeed, the only barrier to me watching it is that I don’t have Sky, which in this day and age is actually kind of sad.