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Brigitte Nielsen & Britt Ekland
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Brigitte Nielsen & Britt Ekland

This episode of Living the Dream brings together the… formidable eighties actress and subsequent music star Brigitte Nielsen with Britt Ekland, the Swedish actress, Bond girl and former wife of Peter Sellers.


Brigitte Nielsen – is known as the Amazonian beauty who stole the heart of Sylvester Stallone, after appearing alongside him in Rocky IV. Before Stallone, she was already forging a high profile career of her own starring with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Red Sonja. Her height and looks set her apart from many of her contempories, where her film career also ran alongside modelling including several appearances in Playboy magazine.

Brigitte has also enjoyed a successful music career, releasing numerous albums and enjoying dance hits all over Europe. Latterly she has forayed into reality television where a mixture of her model looks, Danish spirit and colourful personal life have also made her a hit. Her promising career suffered from drug and alcohol dependency, something which she has now overcome, and helped lead to the release of her autobiography.


Britt Ekland – is the stunning 70’s actress who set hearts racing with her wide eyes, pouty lips and sultry good looks. Britt is a talented actress, epitomised by her turn as a Bond Girl and a memorable performance in The Wicker Man. Overnight fame followed a whirlwind romance with Peter Sellers, whom she supported through their turbulent marriage.

Britt has had numerous film and television roles and is also well known for her recent performances as Cinderella in theatre and appearances on certain reality television shows. With a few high profile marriages and affairs in her past she and Brigitte have much in common and during filming of Living the Dream once they get talking the Scandinavian sparks fly unfolding into an amazingly intimate and revealing conversation.


Watch out for Brigitte and Britt talking during the show about:

  • How Britt married Peter Sellers within ten days of meeting him, and how she handled his manic depression.
  • How Brigitte engineered a Playboy photo shoot to continue dating Sylvester Stallone.
  • How Britt handled her stern father, and won a role in the Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun.