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Brigitte Nielsen & Britt Ekland
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The Power of Women


Mary Quant & Alexandra Shulman
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The Power of Women


Anna Friel & Brenda Fricker
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The Power of Women


Fay Weldon & Caitlin Moran
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The Power of Women


Elaine Paige & Twiggy
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The Power of Women
Living the Life

Season 4 focuses on “The Power of Women” in this new exciting evolved series. We have brought together some of the worlds most philanthropic, powerful, extraordinary women from across a selection of industries including the world of entertainment, sport, politics, and humanitarians.

These two  exceptional women wish not just to inspire but to encourage others to work at their dreams and follow their beliefs and with courage and positivity and motivation they also can make what’s seems impossible a reality.

The viewer is privy to an intimate and revealing conversation of how these women succeeded. They discuss their own experiences and setbacks in reaching their own personal success story for which they have been recognised.

Covering topics from the very start of their childhood and how it effected their outlook on life, their cultural background including the negative and the positive events they experienced. Fighting at times the gender gap in their careers we find out who and what influenced and drove them whilst also addressing the impact this had on their relationships and their families.

Most of these women have become the “Voice on behalf of the voiceless”.

A spotlight is shone throughout each episode on the work and support they give to certain organisations and charities which cover a large number of topics such as education, gender and sexual equality, environmental, animal and child rights and spirituality.
Links to the relevant organisations and social media platforms will be available on our website.


While their lives may seem exception, each of the woman profiled here have designed lives that work for them. These highly accomplished women – all leaders in their fields are also mothers, wives and mega- successful entrepreneurs- but have selected their own paths and are creating their own rules for mastering work, married and parenthood.

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Power of Women
Series 1-4 of Living The Life have enjoyed great success on Sky in the UK
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Living the Life is the worldwide critically acclaimed interview series produced by the creators of “The Power of Women”, alongside co-producer Leslie Phillips CBE between them combined they collated and invited personal friends who are and were legends in the entertainment industry and world of commerce.

In season one to three we paired two complementary heavyweights, each at the top of their careers and allowed the conversation to flow without the usual sales pitches or shallow anecdotes you might find on a chat show. While they may not be previously associated with each other, our guests quickly establish their common ground of which they where matched.

Whether they are from different industries, different walks of life or they simply hold different viewpoints, our guests nevertheless bond thanks to the shared similarities which they uncover throughout the episode. Stories emerge, tracing a path through childhood, early careers, successes and failures – painting a picture of how each unique journey to wealth and fame has shaped a life.

Living the Life has always emphasised the depth and quality of our discussions exclusively revealing personal stories.

The ground-breaking fourth season of Living the Life will be the first television series filmed and distributed in 360° virtual reality on android and Apple store.

Along side the traditional filming of the series a new approach is designed to let our viewers join our interviewees behind the scenes and take the third seat at the table.

Through the rapidly emerging medium of virtual reality, our audiences will experience the intimacy of the crew and emotion of the series in a brand new way.

We’re very excited to present Living the Life – The Power of Women in 360°VR – coming soon 2018.

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