Dave Stewart & Elliott Gould
Living the Life


Hans Zimmer & Derren Brown
Living the Life


Andrew Lloyd Webber & A.R. Rahman
Living the Life
Living the Life

The groundbreaking fourth season of Living the Life will be the first television series filmed and distributed in 360° virtual reality.

Living the Life is the interview series that showcases the very best of British and international talent, intellect and skill. We pair two complementary heavyweights, each at the top of their game, and allow the conversation to flow without the sales pitches or shallow anecdotes you might find on a chat show.

While they may not be previously associated with each other, our guests quickly establish common ground. Whether they are from different industries, different walks of life or they simply hold different viewpoints, our guests nevertheless bond thanks to the shared similarities they uncover throughout the episode.

Stories emerge, tracing a path through childhood, early careers, successes and failures – painting a picture of how each unique journey to wealth and fame has shaped a life.

Living the Life has always emphasised the depth and quality of our discussions. Season four’s gamechanging new approach is designed to let our viewers join our interviewees and take the third seat at the table. Through the rapidly emerging medium of virtual reality, our audiences will experience the intimacy and emotion of the series in a brand new way.

We’re very excited to present Living the Life in 360° – coming 2016.

Series 1-4 of Living The Life have enjoyed great success on Sky in the UK
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Infinite360 & Infinity House Productions

Infinite360 is the next adventure from Infinity House Productions, the production company behind Living the Life and many other successful conventional television and film projects. Infinity House Productions has a proud track record working alongside some of the most prestigious and respected names in the entertainment industry.

An important part of our ethos at Infinity House is to produce real-life stories and promote planetary issues with passion and integrity. We aim to share that passion with our inquisitive audiences through traditional broadcasting and now fully-immersive 360° experiences.

The Infinity House philosophy has always been to bring people together and open their minds to a fascinating new world with captivating ideas. Our mission is that through the creation of infinite360 we will continue to captivate and enthrall by using the most ethical, important, and innovative means possible.

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